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Just starting out as a freelancer? Or are you hoping to expand your client base? Either way, our work guarantee with one of Inc. magazine’s fastest growing startups will galvanize your career.

If you pass both Becoming A Proofreader and Becoming An Editor with scores of 80% or above, you can begin working on a trial basis with our partner company, Proofed.

Expert feedback on the documents you edit will let you continue to hone the skills you learned in our courses. And as your confidence gradually builds, you’ll soon be ready to take on more complex documents – including in-depth editorial assignments in academic, business, or creative writing – and greater volumes of work.

Your Proofed Trial: How It Works

  • If you pass the final assignments on our Becoming A Proofreader and Becoming An Editor courses with distinction scores of 80% or above, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our partner company, Proofed, initially on a trial basis.
  • We’ll send you the paperwork to get you started, and you’ll email the completed documents to Proofed. 
  • The Proofed team will review your documents and register you on their internal platform. They’ll send you login credentials to access the site. (The process may take a couple of weeks.) 
  • Then you’ll be ready to begin a trial period with Proofed! You’ll be paid to proofread or edit up to 10 documents of a maximum of 1,000–2,000 words apiece.
  • Working on shorter texts helps you develop your skills, become comfortable with the process, and build your confidence. A friendly Proofed team member will review your work and provide valuable feedback when needed.
  • If you successfully complete the 10-document trial, you’ll be invited to proofread or edit longer papers on a variety of subjects, from short product descriptions to lengthy dissertations. As you gain further practice and experience – and positive feedback – you’ll soon be able to tackle increasing volumes of work and more challenging assignments. As one of the elite Knowadays graduates who pass Proofed’s paid trial, you’ll continue to unlock a wide variety of opportunities, from one-off assignments to regular client work on short- or long-term projects.
  • After passing both courses, how soon can I get started?

    Once you’ve received distinction scores (80% or above) in both Becoming A Proofreader and Becoming An Editor, Proofed will send you the necessary information and paperwork. You can still schedule a call with one of our friendly tutors to discuss your final assignment and next steps, but the Proofed team will tell you everything you need to know. Proofed onboards new editors on a monthly basis, so it may just be a matter of weeks before you’re working on your first real document.

  • How much work will I get?

    As you progress in your trial period, the Proofed team will support you with targeted feedback on your work. This means you never stop learning. The first ten documents are relatively short. This gives you time to develop your skills and confidence. After passing the trial period, the volume of the work can increase as you start working on longer documents. There may even be scope for regular work with some of Proofed’s clients.

    There is no fixed amount of work. This depends on your availability, interest, skill level, and opportunities Proofed may have at a given time.

  • Do I have to work exclusively with Proofed?

    As a professional proofreader or editor, the world’s your oyster. You don’t have to work exclusively with Proofed. Be your own boss and set your hours. Or find your own clients and maybe start an editorial business.

  • What will I need?

    All you need is a computer (PC or Mac), an internet connection and Microsoft Word (2016 or later).

  • Can I work on my tablet or Chromebook?

    To proofread properly, you’ll need the right tools for the job. This means a computer (PC or Mac), an internet connection and a full version of Microsoft Word (2016 or later).

    Unfortunately, Microsoft Word does not have complete functionality with tablets and Chromebooks. Therefore, you will be unable to work professionally with these devices.

  • Does it matter where I live?

    A key benefit of proofreading and editing is that it’s location independent – you can work from anywhere in the world!

  • Can anyone work for Proofed?

    Please note that to work with Proofed, your country of residence must have a tax treaty with the United States Internal Revenue Service. These countries are listed here. For further information, please contact a financial advisor.

  • Questions?

    We’ve got answers! Email us at [email protected] or click here to schedule a call. Our friendly team is always happy to help!

Our student success stories

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    Proofreading for Increased Wellbeing

    Due to health concerns, Hannah needed a job that would allow her to work from home and focus more on her wellbeing. She trained to become a freelance proofreader, and is now able to do a job she enjoys, earn an income, and still put her health first.

    “Freelance proofreading has allowed me to put my health first and has drastically increased my mood. As a result, I have a much brighter outlook on the future.“

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  • Helen


    Overcoming Redundancy

    Helen had always been asked to check writing for colleagues, friends, and family. After being made redundant during the pandemic, she decided to boost her skills and start something new — and now works as a professional freelance proofreader.

    “I am now able to work from home in a job that is wonderfully varied, enjoyable, and (hopefully) redundancy proof. And I am spending more time with the family (and cats) now!“

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  • Pam


    Continued Professional Development

    Pam was working as a professional proofreader and copy editor, and looking for an online course to refresh her skills. Becoming A Proofreader helped her to do just that!

    “I am a lifelong learner always looking for new opportunities for professional development.”
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