Freelance Resources

Working as a freelancer doesn’t have to mean working alone – we’ve got plenty of resources to offer you support. Whether you’re struggling with time management or want to learn more about networking, turn to Knowadays to find answers, inspiration and innovative freelancer ideas.

  • Marketing

    • Marketing Resources

      How to create a freelance proofreading website and promote your freelance services. 

  • Productivity and Workflow

    • Productivity And Workflow Resources

      How to stay focused and productive as a freelance proofreader. 

  • Running A Business

    • Running A Business Resources

      How to set goals for your business and keep track of your finances.

  • Wellbeing

    • Wellbeing Resources

      How to manage work-related stress and avoid burnout as a freelancer. 

  • Working with Clients

    • Working with Clients Resources

      Advice on being a new proofreader and managing client relationships.