7 Signs You’re Ready to Start Freelancing

7 Signs You’re Ready to Start Freelancing

If you’re considering a freelance career, you may wonder, “When is the best time to start?” You may have other commitments, such as family, another job, and hobbies, which can make it a challenge to fit freelancing into your already busy schedule. 

While there’s no way to know exactly what the future holds, there are some signs that you may be ready to take the leap:

  1. You crave freedom and flexibility.
  2. You want more independence.
  3. You enjoy learning new things.
  4. You’re self-motivated.
  5. You’re willing to put yourself out there.
  6. You’re resilient.
  7. You’re good with money. 

Keep reading to learn more about the seven signs that you’re ready to start freelancing.

1. You Crave Freedom and Flexibility

One benefit of freelancing is that you’re not limited to 9–5 hours, so you can fit work around your desired schedule. You can choose your own workload and never have to take on more projects than you’re comfortable with. 

And since most freelancing is done remotely, you won’t have to commute to an office, allowing you to work wherever you have a reliable internet connection. You can even work while traveling the world!

2. You Want More Independence

Becoming a freelancer gives you full control over who you work with and what you work on. Since you don’t have to answer to a boss, you have the final say on all project-related decisions! 

You can end a relationship with a client if it’s not working out, and you have the freedom to decline work if you need to. If you feel like you’re missing this sense of independence at your current job, it may be time to start thinking about a freelance career. 

3. You Enjoy Learning New Things

If you enjoy learning new things and feel stagnated in your current role, freelancing could be a great way to expand your skill set and take on a new challenge. You can focus on broadening your knowledge base in an area that interests you and take on work that reflects your new skills.

4. You’re Self-Motivated

One of the biggest benefits of freelance life is that you have complete control over your time. However, this means you need to be self-motivated. Since you’re not reporting to a manager, you need to take full responsibility for your own work and deadlines. 

You need to be able to ignore any distractions and stay organized, set goals, and make sure your business runs smoothly. If you pride yourself on your soft skills and self-motivation, you may be ready to start freelancing. 

5. You’re Willing to Put Yourself Out There

Being a freelancer means you’re responsible for finding your own clients, so you have to be willing to network and market your services. It can take time to build a client base you’re happy with, which means you need to be persistent and always on the lookout for new opportunities.

6. You’re Resilient

Freelancers need to be resilient to deal with setbacks, such as rejection from a potential client or losing out to competition. It can be frustrating to put yourself out there and not get immediate results, but freelance work tends to build up gradually as you get more experience and word-of-mouth recommendations. 

Keep in mind that things may be slow at first. Don’t get burnt out or give up before you get your business off the ground.

7. You’re Good with Money

Freelance income can fluctuate, so before you start freelancing, it’s a good idea to build up some savings as a buffer for slow periods. You should also calculate your expenses, work out a budget, and, depending on where you live, set some money aside for taxes. In addition, it’s a good idea to decide in advance how you’re going to invoice clients and how you prefer to receive payment. 

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